At the Chan Law Firm we actively seek and represent cases that represent a potential negative or unlawful pattern or practice against our clients that may be widespread or have implications beyond our clients. We stake our reputation to battle with the government when their actions appear to be invalid or against the law. We are not afraid to invest in “unpopular” cases or cases that other attorneys have deemed too controversial to litigate. It is our hope that through policy-changing litigation we can help many other cases beyond the case that we are working on. 

When the government is acting as an adversary to a case or a client, which is improper, given that the government’s role in immigration cases is to serve justice, not to act as an adversary, we are our clients’ shield and sword.  We recognize that government action is not necessarily error-free, and at times it is our role to vigorously make that clear to them. 

While we fight individual cases, we believe it is our duty to also promote humane and lawful treatment of individuals in the immigration system, through all stages, including detention, the courts, and the agency interface. We take pride in being a possible voice for the voiceless–we take that responsibility seriously and we put it to work every day.