Catherine A. Chan

Catherine A. Chan, JD/MA

Catherine consults regularly for local non-profit agencies, churches and international consulates in presenting immigration-related information to the community. She demonstrates her commitment to the community through publications and involvement in pro bono efforts and legal clinics.

She has successfully represented clients from all over the world before the Colorado Supreme Court, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Executive Office for Immigration Review, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the U.S. District Court, and various international consulates.

Catherine litigates difficult cases for her clients in the context of asylum, deportation defense and naturalization. In her civil cases, she negotiates large settlements for clients in employment law matters and in sub-contractor cases against general contractors.


Josh Russcol

Josh Russcol

Josh Russcol is an Associate Attorney at the Chan Law Firm, practicing immigration law.

Josh was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in the surrounding suburbs. He earned a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Spanish, from the University of Virginia in 2003. After graduating, Josh spent three years living in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps volunteer, where his primary projects were working with rice-growing cooperatives and building composting latrines.




Sandra Geiger

Sandra Geiger

Sandra Geiger joined the Chan Law Firm in January 2015 as a Paralegal. Sandra was born and raised in Mexico. She knows and understands from her own personal experience what the immigration process is like. It was a journey that she describes as absolutely worth it when finally being able to be with your significant other. Sandra’s passion to help and serve the community, the families that want to reunite with their love ones, men and women that want a better future for their families; for this and much more Sandra does not call this her job but her chance to put her heart on what she loves most doing.


Adriana Guadana-Huizar

Adriana graduated college in May of 2021 as a first-generation student. A proud daughter of two Mexican immigrants, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Anthropology. Adriana interned with the Chan Law Firm in 2019, and upon graduation joined the team.

Her passion for immigration came from her family’s personal challenges within the immigration system. She vividly remembers the long, systemic hurdles of filling out immigration paperwork: particularly the language barriers, economic challenges, and sheer lack of understanding of the process.

She hopes to one day become an immigration attorney and help families like hers be able to understand and obtain immigration relief. She keeps the stories shared with her close to her heart, and fully believes it is these stories that are her drive and fuel to continue to advocate.

Michael Wilkins

Michael Wilkins joined Chan Law Firm in 2022 originally as an intern and eventually worked to become a Paralegal. Michael currently attends the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and is majoring in International Studies. Before that, he attended Utah State University with a major in Political Science. 

Michaels’s interest in immigration came from his mother’s experience in the process. Michaels’s mother immigrated to the United States from Venezuela in 1996. Through his mother’s immigration process, Michael learned about the challenges and roadblocks that immigrants face when venturing into the United States. 

Since then, Michael has researched the interconnection between immigration and development assistance and is aspiring to make the immigration process more humane and efficient.


Firm Administration

Carloina Covo

Carolina Covo

Carolina Covo is an Accounting Manager at the Chan Law Firm.

Carolina was born in Cartagena, Colombia, South America. She has lived in the United States for over 17 years. Carolina joined Chan Law Firm on January 4th 2016, as a paralegal. Her attention to detail and own personal experience with immigration, Carolina, strives to serve clients needs towards obtaining their personal goals in this country. She is a Business Administration major with emphasis in Finance, fluent in both English and Spanish. Her experience working in a multicultural environment from previous positions and the upbringing in a hardworking family in Colombia shaped her professional culture where Respect, Integrity and Stewardship are key fundamentals.


Maria Flores

Maria Flores

Maria Flores is an Executive Administrative Assistant at the Chan Law Firm.

Maria Flores came to the Chan Law Firm in June 2014. Maria is a native Spanish speaker and she is also fluent in English. Maria is originally from Mexico. Maria immigrated to the United States as a child and she is a naturalized United States citizen. From personal experience she encountered the many adversities immigrants face in this country, which inspired her to work within the legal immigration realm to help her community. She loves to spend quality time with her family. She grew up in New Mexico. She has more than eleven years of experience as a secretary. She enjoys helping others, takes pride in her work and being a part of the team here at Chan Law Firm.


Marcelina Bueno

Marcelina Bueno

Marcelina truly believes that living in this country we have the potential and opportunity of helping others reach their dreams. Being a child of immigrant parents she has been able to see both sides of how a person can influence the outcome of an immigrant’s life. Marcelina is thankful for those experiences good and bad because this led to her decision of going to school and getting a certification that has now allowed her to work with a great group of people that think alike and want to help others.